Abu Pooji

by Z Plan

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released June 30, 2015

Cover art by Elise Lintelman



all rights reserved


Z Plan Harrisonburg, Virginia

Z Plan is an experimental pop groop based in Harrisonburg, VA.

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Track Name: Fly Devil Sun
She's a three-winged fury
She's a cold-cut stone
She's a hot spaghetti
She's a peach pine cone
She's a hell hath fury
She's a loaded gun
She's a woman scorned
She's a fly devil sun
She's a temple haunted
She's a coke bottle cap
She's an eggplant lady
She's a junkyard scrap
She's a garlic rub
She's an angry daddy
She's a short slip rocker
She's a weight to carry
Track Name: I Have Everything I Need
I have everything I need right here
My car keys, pen, and paper
I write everything down from beginning to end
Take a ride around the block and call my friends
Don't have to look far to be entertained
Just across the street is a baseball game

I have everything I need right here
My car keys and my future
And if you drive me around the block just once
I might end up where I once was
Don't have to look hard for good furniture
Might need a big car to get it here
Track Name: The Party
I feel
so dumb
Should be at the party
Having so much fun
Big deal
stay home
Isn't anybody
That will take me home tonight

Get real
no one
is ever gonna listen
to the song you sung
Stay home
Sing into the mirror
for tonight's party of one

Conversation never seems to pan out
Instead, cling to the corner of the room
on my phone
texting you
Everybody's drinking wine
and having a good time
while I'm stuck in my mind
piloting a plane to Timtuktu
without my crew
Track Name: Dip
I don't care what they dip me in
Shed my clothes and go for a swim
Heat the water til it reads 110
Take my temp
take my temp
When I get out I'll do it again
Face to face with the boogey men
I don't care what they dip me in

Coated in Italian dressing
I will not get caught confessing
Sizzle steak
cooked well-done
Lick my lips til morning come
Jumping fence
double back-flip
Dodging when they do the dip
Dodging when they do the dip
Track Name: The Big Monster
The Big Monster will snuff you out
The Big Monster will bring you down
The Big Monster blocks out the sun
The Big Monster gets drunk on rum
The Big Monster will never clean
The Big Monster drinks gasoline
The Big Monster is brash and crude
The Big Monster coughs on your food
The Big Monster stays in all day
The Big Monster turns your hair gray
Track Name: Nobel Peace Pipe
Dreamt I shed this circuity
Dig to find what's left of me
Poster board chock full o' shit
Offensive anatomy

Some may say I'm wearing sin
Shit and shame to wallow in
Keep well groomed to emulate
Upper-class businessmen

Old life will follow you downtown
Despite the effort not to drown

And the grass is overgrown
And you keep moving along
Even if you walk alone
And you send a prayer above
And you got no one to love
Even though you give enough
Track Name: Money In My Bible
(turn it up!)

I found money in my bible
And I'm gonna spend it all today

Momma said that's not your money
Momma said that's God's money
And you're gonna give it all away

So I went to the church
To give them my money


But I didn't find God there
So I'm gonna keep it anyway

So I drove down to the liquor store
Cause I'm gonna have a party today

But I wrecked my car and flipped it
I shoulda gave that money away
Track Name: Root Rot
Oh no my gums are bleeding
I fear they are receding
Folding over the open mouth
The root has rot
And they're not
Gonna trade me anything
So I suck
Through a straw
Why don't I get to keep them?

Spinning with Bryan Ferry
Conjuring sounds so scary
I simplify the rhythm down
I went downtown
But they're not gonna play me anything
So I lay
Like a log
Why don't I get to listen?
Track Name: No, I Didn't
I listen to the sounds you make
Try to fit them in my head
The struggle for a different voice
To define just what is said
You wanted to get away
Where would you go?
The will is broken either way
I think it's wherever the winds blow

No, I didn't say
That I want it back

The company is thrown away
The conversation disappears
You peg me for a con-man
I know you wouldn't lend an ear
Sometimes I get a feeling that
I can not deny
It's miscommunicated when
You bat away with your eyes

No, I didn't say
That I want it back
Track Name: I Can See You
I can see you
Can you see me?
Can I touch you?
You can touch me
All I wanna do
Be close to you
I can hardly speak
You're next to me

Dreaming of you
Without any clothes on
Dreaming of you
Holding hands in the park
Dreaming of you
Singing to me
Dreaming of you
So close after dark

I can see you
Can you see me?
Can I touch you?
You can touch me
All I wanna do
Be close to you
I can hardly speak
You're next to me
I can see you
Can you see me?
Can I touch you?
You can touch me